Why is it that I hear and see written that the sex offender registry “protects the pubic”. How does it do that? No one seems to give a rational or reasonable account as to how it protects. I will tell you what it does do. It gives a misinformed hateful public a reason to ostracize and badger someone living in their neighborhood. It gives some in law enforcement reason to impose more and more registration requirements. It gives vigilantes reason to threaten and in some cases kill a person on the registry simply because they think they “are doing the public a favor”. It gives employers reason to not hire a qualified individual due to their status on the registry. It strains families and loved ones due to financial support of the registrant, and the list goes on. Most comments have stated in one way or another these very things so for the sake of a different perspective I will stop with these obvious inequities.
Several questions exist however, One is this; if a person is homeless, they will be required to register say once a month. If a person has a home and lucky enough to be working, but their work requires they travel or have different jobs in various locations during the week, I can safely say it is impossible for them to register daily or several times weekly their location and still maintain employment. Common sense would tell any rational thinking individual this sort of requirement is impossible to abide by, but yet it is there in black and white ready to be imposed on who knows how many people. What about self employed individuals who may need to be in different locations during the week. How will that affect their business?
People who want to commit sex crimes will do so if they are so strongly inclined and no SORNA will change that. We are a society of haters, and what better group is there to hate and continuously punish but a sex offender!
We are looking to you Mr. Barr to set things right. We are looking to you to make rational, Contritutional decisions concerning the million or so people and their loved ones who are so negatively impacted by registration requirements. All people are redeemable but under our current laws and ordinances they are not even given a chance to be proven a contributing member of our society. Please consider the comments written in response to your decision.
Any group of people who are targeted for hate by an ever increasing amount of restrictions, Isolation, and unwarranted suspicion contributes greatly to the overall hate that exists in our country today.





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