Why is it that everyone just assumes and never understands the real facts. Sex offenders are almost the lowest of any criminal who reoffends. If you want to take action do it with drug offenders. Sex offenders already struggle to find a place to live, a job, and their families and children suffer along with them. You punish entire families, not just one person. You already put them on a registry that should be private if anything – all of their data and picture out there for the world to take violent action against them. You put a target on them when it is not deserved.

I see a number of folks in my son’s aftercare group who have truly abused kids and they didn’t get prison time and because of the crime they negotiate they don’t even have to register. Our son did nothing and yet because someone decided to send him a picture and lie, which they did and we had proof that we didn’t get to even use because of being stupid about all this – he served 10 years in federal prison and is on supervised release because a judge threw the book at him because he wanted to in a plea deal that was just a rip off of our money.

He is a brilliant young man with so much ahead of him – lost 10 years of his life in his 20’s and early 30’s and while he finished his Master’s in prison – he can’t get a job – he was fortunate his house was grandfathered in or he would not have a place to live. We have to live with him in order to pay bills and he would never harm a child, and certainly after all this just wants his freedom and his life back. But these laws limit that from happening. He can’t ever have normal.

A drug offender can go in and out of prison like a revolving door and is on no registry and has no issues with his life that he can do whatever. A person who commits a DWI and even kills someone has no limits on his life – he also is not on a registry and can do whatever. These people are not watched or stalked and yet the chances of them hurting a child, or adult is 100 times greater.

IF you really want to help get rid of the public registry – at least make it private – stop ruining lives that could truly be good citizens and just wants to have the chance that supposedly they should be given. A second chance at life. Yes just like all criminals there are a few Sex offenders who are truly bad and yes that should be easy to identify and provide extra efforts on their part as you would someone who is a serious offender.

Stop the nonsense and media hype just because you are labeled a sex offender does not mean you are – and you are the only ones who can allow families to be able to live their lives again. Allow the children of these people to have normal lives and not also be labeled in school or made fun of, to not have ugly signs in yards, to not separate them and ruin their lives also. Please allow that second chance.


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