I am not surprised by all the comments that oppose this important life saving legislation.YES WE DO NEED A NATIONAL DATABASE. If everyone could check out new people they meet at a national level rather than needing to search every state we would not have the systemic disaster we are now facing. Sex abuse is so prevent in our society that we are being forced to take drastic action to protect our children. And now they want it to be just another life choice? Because children can choose to have sex with a disgusting old fat person? And the ignorant therapists that are pushing this nonsense that we can fix these people? Obviously THEY have never been victimized. This is not fixable. This is not ok. This will give children the best chance they have to be protected.

I believe we do need to remove registration for peeing and other offenses like that but EVERY CRIME AGAINST A CHILD SHOULD BE FORBIDDEN TO PLEA DOWN THE OFFENSES INTO LESSER CRIMES AND A NATIONAL MANDATORY SENTENCE SHOULD BE IMPOSED. Probation for someone who harms a child should never be allowed.

Thank you Attorney General Barr for taking the time to protect our children.

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