This registry is unjust and very punitive to those who must ,report, not allowed in many zones in the community, They can not find shelter because they are shunned upon , They can not find work , everyone knows anyone of these registries and disabled and are not equal citizens , This must end the retroactive ness applied to people who have already served their sentences is cruel and unjust , No matter if you call them rules or just abuse of power it is wrong to apply this type of punishment with out a judge or a jury in this country. No matter if you diss like the word “sex offender” it does not give you the right too keep rewriting rules to apply retroactive punishment after a offender has served their debt to society is not expectable . NO MORE RETROACTIVE RULES , you are applying retroactive life sentences . You are not a judge or a jury . I am with holding my name because i fear this type of government .

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