The fact is that the government doesn’t realize that people CAN change and this list is creating moral lepers. Making it hard for people to get jobs and housing, in fact it creates more crime because people need money to survive.

I’m not saying get rid of it all together, just make a way were people can graduate from the list.

Sex offenders also have a very low rate of recidivism. https://www.prisonpolicy.org/blog/2019/06/06/sexoffenses/

As you can see in this article rearrest is lower than other crimes. This is also taxpayer money that is being wasted on people who may not commit a crime, especially people that are low risk according to their state.

Also, the court is not inerrant and gets stuff wrong. What if someone appears to be doing something sexual but it was taken out of context.

If the government is supposed to serve the people, they should be objective and use a risk based registry, but instead they don’t listen to logic and research, but instead they just make decisions based on what will advance their own political career. That does not sound like a serving government.

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