My name is Jose Torres, I have been placed on the sex offender registry in the state of Michigan without any due process of the law. I was never formally charged nor sentenced in any way by any governing agency that enforces the sorna regulations. Police came to my house and threatened me with death if I did not comply with their demands to submit my name to the register. This action by saint clair shores police is in direct violation of the laws of this country. As a direct result of the actions of saint clair shores police department, being on the registry has made me into a social leper. You will however find a Japanese case against me while I served in the military. I was only charged by civilian Japanese authorities not by the military. However the laws in America directly stipulate that only three (3) nations convictions of rape can be upheld by American law. Japan is not one of these states. I have researched this for over a decade and have been suffering for nearly 2 decades. I’ve lost my family, my standing in the community,my military career and any possibility of attaining a job. This has destroyed my life.

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