The sex offender registration fundamentally is very hurtful and cruel. No other offenses are there that can be so publicly denigrating. It starts with the language of the offense. In Indiana IC 35 42 4 2 States by force or imminent threat of force. When no Force has been utilized in an alleged crime, they go by eminent threat of force. There is no fighting eminent threat of force. Eminent threat of force is a perceived threat. A perceived Threat by the alleged victim. A perceived threat doesn’t necessarily mean there was an actual threat. Therefore how do you fight a perceived threat when there was no evidence of an actual threat. Life on registration is nothing short of a life sentence where are the court throws an alleged offender into a life of ridicule, despair, hopelessness, depression and embarrassment. Likewise when someone is placed on the registration are immediately labeled as a child molester by the General Public. This form of systemic prejudice can lead to a life that is next to impossible to live. Most job ads identify a requirement that someone be able to pass a background check. The wording of the requirement on job postings state “must be able to pass a background check”. Not knowing that companies exact policy based on background checks, you have to deduce that you would not qualify. There for every single job that has that on the posting can be eliminated from your search. Likewise when you are subjected to a background check, the background check reporting companies are far from being standardized or impartial. The reporting companies for background checks put information in Black and suspect information in red. Many times these reporting agencies do not include dates for the information they so Radley place in red. Therefore the job seeker is unfairly portrayed no matter how many years they have had compliant registration.

The sex offender registration also lead to some mental health issues in an otherwise mentally healthy individual; after years of subjection and ridicule as well as a legal form of defamation of character, the “offender” as they are dubbed for life, has to just “suck it up” and live life without the privilege of being treated fairly and impartially treated in the workplace.

After 25 years on the registration the damage is done. The right of my dreams and aspirations of having a career have systematically been eliminated. With the Courts making decisions based on opinions and gender pressure, people like myself, who had one incident in life, lead to being labeled as an offender has to sit back and anything that the courts decide like from a dictator in his office. Not accounting for the so-called offenders original sentence. How many times has the credibility and necessity of the sex offender registration come into question? Has anything truly changed for the better? I say no. Have things become out of control in the sense that offenders no longer have any say-so or representation? I say yes. Organizations that have attempted to be on the side of the offenders have only made token changes over the course of the 25 years I have been on the registration. While living in Indiana I got out of prison and was labeled a sex offender. Over the course of a few years that title was replaced with sexually violent predator. Without ever being in violation of the registration. I contacted the ACLU many years ago, and have been waiting for things to change for many years. Thus far I haven’t seen any fruit from their efforts.

Do you want to know why there are only a few comments here on this forum? The reason is, nobody is talking about it in the public eye. The news agencies don’t want to talk about it because it’ll put them in a poor light. Therefore nobody really knows about it in the general scheme of things. Only a few of us who have the vision for change.

I have not heard anything on any news agency mainstream or otherwise about the SORNA proposal. The only reason why I have heard about it is the ACLU has informed me from time to time what the courts were doing.

In closing, it is my opinion based on the fact that it has been determined the sex offender registration has been a violation of civil rights; that the course maybe in a quandary about what to do about their past decisions. I am sure many others who have been subjected to the registration would follow suit. I feel that if the courts would find the sex offender registration a violation of a person civil rights and eliminate it because of that finding, the states that have it enacted the Sex Offender Registration , would be liable for damages. It is because of this belief that I feel that it is constantly slow-walked through Court proceedings. Not because of wanting to get any facts or make carefully informed decisions, but to cover the state’s proverbial butt.

It is my hope that justice prevails and the registration eliminated.

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