A Public Service Announcement

Before watching any porn, watch this video.

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6 thoughts on “A Public Service Announcement

  1. Please share this with many many men, women and children as there are a multitude of ruined lives for this very thing. It along with Task Force Stings are the ‘cash cows’ of state and federal law enforcement.

  2. You can’t really know about certain lifestyles until you live them. But this public service announcement does provide a dose of reality. This is exactly how easy it is to fall into this trap, this life, this continuous punishment and shame. All those that are quick to judgment about this issue would be wise to consider just how easy this can happen to anyone…..even to someone they love.

  3. This needs to be shown everywhere, not only in the U.S but all over the world. It seems no matter how many times we see this on the news, “kids” don’t seem to pay attention!

  4. I think that video is great and a good start to a warning about porn, but it’s a bit toned down from reality. The internet does give a warning message about illegal porn, but if a person is to the point of illegal porn, they are not in a mind set to report it or talk about it. My boyfriend is one of the men across the country that was arrested in operation “broken heart”. This porn problem is affecting young and old men. He was introduced to porn as a boy, when it was still magazines. The internet is a dangerous person for people that are lonely, sad, or feel like outcast. It becomes an escape. I knew he looked at porn, and I voiced my problem with it many times, but he was too far down the rabbit hole to feel safe talking about it. I remember him telling me once when I made a snide comment about it, that he didn’t really enjoy it. It made him feel worse. My thought was, “well why look at it.” I didn’t understand how bad it was until the police knocked on our door at 4 am. They made a point of showing me the descriptions of the images that morning, and it wasn’t young girls, it was little girls. I was devastated, confused and angry. That wasn’t the man I knew. I was going to leave, but after talking about it with him, I knew he needed help and wasn’t a monster. That’s why its so hard to get people to understand. They think you are a monster, and until we figure out a way to talk about sex, abuse, and the fact that porn is getting more and more degrading and graphic, men will be too depressed and scared to ask for help.

    1. I am guessing that the point of it is to show how easy it is to be on the registry for life. In fact there are even easier ways to get on the registry for life. One is public urination. Another is a false accusation by an ex. The USA courts are not about “innocent until proven guilty”, they are about “guilty until you can prove that you are innocent” and if you do not have a lot of $$$ then you are not going to be able to prove anything and will take a plea even if innocent.

      Back in the late 1990’s there was a big problem with pop-ups and malicious web sites would send innocent people to pop-up porn sites and in seconds their screen would be filled with a hundred windows of porn, some of it illegal. Even if they immediately deleted all of it and cleaned their cache, if the police examined their computer and found any file fragments in the deleted space then they would be convicted of illegal porn.

      No intent was needed. It was and still is considered a “strict liability offence”.

      Over 60% of all data flowing on the Internet is porn. 99.9% is legal porn but sometimes there is someone that is just a year under the age limit, usually an image planted by the FBI, mixed in with thousands of images of legal porn.
      Lesson learned, if you ever see something that could be of someone looking 19 or younger, in an even slightly provocative pose then your only safe action is to take a power drill and drill several holes into your hard drive destroying everything on it permanently and irrecoverably. No effort to delete the files will be successful against the investigative software that police use.
      No magnet is powerful enough to erase the data. Only physical destruction of the entire hard drive is safe disposal of the file.

      Since the FBI plant most of the illegal porn on the internet, they know who has accessed the files and all they need for a conviction is to find a file fragment of a thumbnail photo on a hard drive in the deleted space.

      Police also lie, they think they have a license to lie. They think that it is okay to plant evidence on what they believe to be a scumbag.
      Thank God for police body cams that the police officers can’t turn off. That alone should put a bunch of dirty cops in prison.

      Also, prosecutors will describe a porn picture of a 17 year old, in an indictment, as a young child with their %$^% on the P#$%s of an adult man.
      They believe that no one, no juror or defendant, will look at the evidence in the courtroom to see that what they mean by young child is really a 17 year old in a jurisdiction where 18 is the legal cut off age. and even some 17 year old people look 19 or 20.

      I think the video could have been toned down even more and still been realistic.

      1. I appreciate your reply. I’m not so good at writing. My thoughts get jumbled, especially when I’m upset about something. I wish people with a porn problem could be treated like a person with a drug problem and given a chance to seek treatment before they were automatically branded a sex offender. The more I research the registry, the more I worry about our future. My boyfriend will be in his 70’s by the time he is off the registry. He thanks me every day for standing by him. I’m tougher than him, Again, this group and website has helped me to be more informed.

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