Links to reference documents

Book by Johann Hari – Lost Connections (Focus on Depression)

USSC Recommended Guidelines on Simple Possession of Child Pornography

Recent State & Federal Lawsuit Wins

NC – Packingham v North Carolina

MI – Does v Snyder

CO – Millard v. Rankin, 265 F. Supp. 3d 1211 – Dist. Court, D. Colorado 2017

US – Gundy v United States – awaiting SCOTUS decision

Collateral Damage: Family Members of Registered Sex Offenders

‘Nobody worries about our children’: unseen impacts of sex offender registration on families with school-age children and implications for desistance


Federal Probation – Sex Offenders on Federal Community Supervision: Factors that Influence Revocation

WIDENING THE NET – The Effects of Transitioning to the Adam Walsh Act’s Federally Mandated Sex Offender Classification System

Public Perceptions About Sex Offenders & Community Protection Policy – Jill S. Levenson – Lynn University
Yolanda N. Brannon Florida Institute of Technology
Timothy Fortney Florida Institute of Technology
Juanita Baker Florida Institute of Technology

Evolution of Unconstitutionality of Sex Offense Laws – Prof. Catherine Carpenter

Association for Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA) Position Papers

Ashamed and Alone: Comparing Offender and Family Member Experiences With the Sex Offender Registry – Criminal Justice Review 2018

Mothers in Relationships with Sex Offenders: Understanding Life Experiences

Law Enforcement Perspectives on Sex Offender Registration and Notification Preliminary Survey Results