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Georgia Investigators Testimony in illegal Sting Practices

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My name is Joseph Fountain. I'm doing my Habeas Corpus, and just uncovered some corrupt practices used by Georgia Investigator/Deputy Joe Heath of Effingham County, GA. This includes his own testimony of such conduct.

Here is a bit of information about me. I am currently incarcerated, filing my Habeas Corpus for Actual Innocence. I am 33 years old and have a 4 1/2 year old boy who I, unfortunately, have never met due to this incarceration. I've been locked up since April 12, 2017. Before incarceration, I served in the Army, on active duty, for almost 10 years. I joined in 2007 and only stopped serving due to this incarceration (formation April 11th, jail April 12th). I've deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan, and spent a total of almost 7 years overseas, including Germany and Korea. I am also an Eagle Scout and was selected to be a Recruiter for the US Army before my arrest.

Joe Heath was running a sting operation on Craigslist Casual Encounters. That may seem like nothing new until you understand some of the details. In my case, he represented two different individuals, with different names. Only one had an age he disclosed, meaning the other was believed to be an adult. Also, he used pictures of 32-year-old Tonya Hodges for the investigation.

Here's a small example of some of the questions and answers. Fountain (myself) asked the questions, while Heath answered.

Fountain: Who did you pretend to be in the emails?
Heath: Jenny Foster.

Fountain: Did Jenny Foster have an age?
Heath: 15 years old.

Fountain: Isn't it true there's no solicitation in the emails?
Heath: There's no solicitation.

Fountain: What sexual conduct is in the emails?
Heath: No sexual conduct.

Fountain: What was the Craigslist post I responded to for these emails?
Heath: Babysitting/Cleaning in the Personals.

Fountain: Isn't it true that in order to post on Craigslist Casual Encounters, you must agree that you are 18 or older?
Heath: Yes.

Fountain: So, in the Babysitting/Cleaning emails, there's no solicitation for sexual conduct, correct?
Heath: Correct.

Fountain: So, as far as the emails are concerned, there's no solicitation of sexual conduct from Jenny Foster, correct?
Heath: In the emails, there is not.

(I then requested we set the emails aside and look at the text messages to Victoria Atkins)

Fountain: Isn't it true you used photos of Tonya Hodges in the texts?
Heath: Correct.

Fountain: How old was she in this photo?
Heath: I'm unaware.

Fountain: When does the metadata say the photo was created?
Heath: No metadata. The images had the metadata stripped.

Fountain: These text messages are with Victoria (Vicky) Atkins, correct?
Heath: Correct.

Fountain: Where does it show Victoria Atkins's age?
Heath: No mention of Victoria Atkins's age.

Fountain: Her age is not presented in the texts, correct?
Heath: Not in the text.

Fountain: Isn't it true there's no solicitation for unlawful sexual conduct in the text messages?
Heath: Correct.

Fountain: Did I send any sexually explicit images in the text messages?
Heath: No

Fountain: Did I receive any sexually explicit images in the text messages?
Heath: No

Fountain: So, as far as the text messages are concerned, there's no solicitation of unlawful sexual conduct from Victoria Atkins, correct?
Heath: Correct.

Fountain: Isn't it true that nothing in the emails with Jenny Foster indicates I wanted to meet for the purpose of sex?
Heath: True

(This is an example or testimony from the Habeas evidentiary hearing)
In my case, Deputy Joe Heath was the state's witness, investigator, and prosecutor. Yes, prosecutor. I have his name as such, and his signature above the title, on multiple forms. His testimony is proof that both he and the State of Georgia were aware of my innocence, yet still chose to pursue it. This is the exploitation of a corrupt and broken system.

I have each and every piece of evidence needed to expose Joe Heath and all offices (Sheriffs' offices and GBI) of the illicit means they've used on these stings (he calls them a 'pro-active internet investigation'). I also have evidence of how being in the service stripped me of a right to a fair trial by telling me that if I went to trial, I would face time in Fort Leavenworth after a court-martial, regardless of innocence or guilt. However, that's a fight for another day.

I really need this to be exposed. I'm still a soldier at heart, and I took an oath to protect my country from all enemies, foreign and domestic. No one has relieved me of that oath.
I've also successfully shown and proven my innocence, yet I still sit in a Georgia prison.
How many other people has this happened to?

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Being an investigator doesn't give them the right to solicit, lure, or entice minors posing as a minor. With absolute certainty this has occurred. Someone should investigate them, and seize their records. There is no doubt whatsoever that they do this very thing. In some cases they have even charged minors. The average age people forced to register committed their offenses is 14. That is VERY telling. 

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This goes on as well, civilian vigilante groups posing as minors enticing people, undoubtedly some of their targets are minors themselves, but they're not held accountable.