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[Sticky] See You on the 25th

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We are recommending that everyone take a moment and just breathe. We will see you back in the WAR Room on Tuesday, April 25th at 5 PM PT - 6 PM MT -7 PM CT and 8 PM ET for our next gathering. 

In the meantime we are asking you to give a lot of thought to the best way/s to work with other like-minded organizations to accomplish goals.

One thing that needs to be part of the thought process is the "othering" that occurs within our issue. An example of othering is I am not one of 'them' or 'they belong on a registry' but 'I don't.' That is the biggest hurdle we have in front of us. We know how the justice system works for the indigent and the wealthy. 

Give it some thought and reply here in our Open Forum with your thoughts.


WAR National Directors


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Please take a few minutes to post your thoughts.

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Oh, I am happy that you brought up the “othering” issue.

I have come across many of these groups, who have experienced being on the registry or being incarcerated or on parole with sex related crimes, yet some are fast to put others down for their offenses. I say we all have to stand up for each other. We all have to show support for one another. We already have the part of the public who hate all of us, so let’s not bicker about who’s done what and just be there for our cause.

thank you for bringing this big topic to the attention of listeners 

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This is something that concerns me greatly. The general public seems to have taken the term "pedo" and run with it to mean anyone they disagree with regarding sexual issues or who they feel has said or done anything wrong regarding sex. I understand that some people in this group have been unjustly accused and/or convicted of crimes they did not do and now are on the registry while others have actually committed crimes they have been convicted of and now are on the registry. That is the common factor - being on the registry. The registry itself is wrong as there is no relief from it and it takes away a person's dignity. My time with this issue is not very long, only since June of 2020 when a loved one was sent to jail where he was for 20 months and then finally got out on bail. Now he is awaiting the day when he will be in front of a judge and have his case heard. We are all in this together. I hope we can all help each other.

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when is our next zoom meeting?

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Is this group still active? I just found out about WAR, and it's so encouraging! I hope this is still active.

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 Agree! I just found out about it as well and was really needing some hope/people talk to. It's hard to bring this topic up casually with friends. 

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I've been looking and looking online to find something that shows someone, some organization, somewhere, is actively working with politicians, lawyers, judges, Supreme Court, etc.  to change the registry and it's punitive stance. I would love to get involved in changing this law in some way.

Does anyone know of anyone or group actively pursuing reforming the registry?  I know WAR is, but I can't find anything current they are doing, nor NARSOL.  I can't stop thinking about the fact that there is so much EVIDENCE to demonstrate the unconstitutionality around the registry that is so incredibly blatant and yet, nothing is happening to correct this horrible law.  I know it could mean job suicide for a political person, but is there no one with the courage to help people on the registry? l  I just don't get it at all.

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Hi Pam,


I completely understand what you're saying and yes, there are people in WAR (and NARSOL) who are actively involved with their state legislators and courts in efforts to push back against the registry.  Because we are a national organization, not a state one, we don't tend to publish those details on our website.  But I know for a fact that there are people making such plans in several states, including Kansas, Missouri, New York, Minneapolis, Illinois and Wisconsin off the top of my head.  

Our board is incredibly new and just now starting to really understand their jobs, so we apologize for being a little quiet for the past 6 months.  Vicki left huge shoes to fill and we are mostly just recently beginning to understand our new roles.  

Please send me an email at and let's talk about connecting you with other volunteers in your state.

Anne Croat

Director of Membership and Engagement

Women Against Registry

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Changing, reforming, editing the registry happens AT LEAST every 4 years. Very rarely are these changes good or unaccompanied by harsher restrictions. What we need is a group dedicated to the wholesale abolishment of the registry. Unfortunately such a group could never gain enough political power in the current climate because A. Such a group would force politicians to make rational sentences like releasing innocents and lethal injection for anybody that needs a prison sentence longer than 7 years, and B. Politicians have too much money invested in property like us to kill us or set us free.

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