Beaten in Shelter

I am afraid to stay in homeless shelters after being beaten up by thugs who are most likely worse criminals than myself. I have received a card, for my 288 while acting in concert, stating that I am rehabilitated.

I fought fires – house and forest fires – during my 7-year sentence. But, after 40 years or so I am back to trying to stay alive. I admit I did 30 years for a new case that had nothing to do with sex crime but was immediately given a sex restriction and put back in harm’s way of being beaten or stabbed by younger ones wanting to make a name for themselves. I have had to hurt others while trying to protect myself.

I am 70 yrs old now and a doctor at a prison hospital gave me an operation that now I find out was his last before he retired He was never seen again and the operation left me impudent without any function but even that is wrong and evil. I know the Docter did this on purpose regardless of what CDC says. I have not even thought about doing anything after the crime that put me into Megan’s Law for anyone who committed a crime before this law. That gives idiots a free shot at who and where you and your family might live.

I am very much alone now and will probably never speak to a lot of friends or family because of this since I am sure this is scary for them. The reason am I homeless or soon to be again is a clear result of the vigilante justice which is used because people who are violent by nature see a chance to make a name for themselves. Like the lady who killed the suspected molester of her son who shot him in the courthouse and received a light sentence instead of an open and shut case of murder. What if the man was innocent? And even if he wasn’t, does that give her or anyone the right to kill someone anyway and get an ‘attaboy?’

I will die alone now because of the loss of the last family members who believed in me and knew I wasn’t going to re-offend. I am holed up in a motel owing over $7000 back rent and no place else to go except for housing where sometimes 4 or more men are in a small room for $5 to $850 dollars a month and only able to get my SSI for $1064 dollars doesn’t leave me much left to save.

I am not going to cow down to anyone and please don’t try and hurt me again or I will be made a criminal again for something that I consider forced on me by means 290 law. I will live past 70 so back off and most of all change these laws and forgive us please it’s time don’t you think????? I can’t even tell you my real name even if I did it wouldn’t help. Change these unfair laws and make America right again, please!

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