California Dreaming

Lately, more and more people in California are going free from the registry. I still can’t believe it.

One day back Back in 2008 I went to the police station to do my annual registration. Even though I didn’t say anything disrespectful I guess my body language pissed off one of the ladies taking my information so she called out an officer to confront me.
He came out and got right up in my face and said “I don’t care if you don’t like coming here, your gonna have to register as a SEX OFFENDER for the rest of your life.” I never could forget that day, I remember leaving the police station feeling like a wild animal that got captured tagged, and released back into the wild.

Thank GOD I never gave up. Now fast forward its 2022 and on my birthday June 23rd I will be relieved of my duty to register in the state of California.

After decades of being on the registry, there’s no way I could just completely walk away from this whole situation. I plan on starting a new organization to work with and help youth offenders that have been placed on the registry under the age of 20.

On the other hand people in California with cases that involve force, computers, CP, or minors under the age of 13 aren’t so lucky and are forced to register for life.

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