Innocent Men

My son is currently locked up awaiting to even see his court appointed attorney for the first time.
He met a girl on a dating site. Her profile states that she is 20 years old.
No surprise to any of you is it, that she is actually a minor.
To make a profile on that app she had to commit forgery and defraud every single person on that site.
When my son found out her true age he stopped seeing her. Would not have seen her to begin with had she been honest.
Her mom’s boyfriend beat her up when she returned home.
She committed two or more crimes but is not behind bars.
Her mom’s boyfriend committed a crime but is not behind bars.
My son, the only true victim in this whole thing is locked up with his life hanging in the balance.
Myself, and the rest of his family are suffering right along with him. I have been unable to eat, sleep, or breathe.
This is happening all across the country and it has to stop.

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