Mother of Sex Offender

As the mother of a registrant, I am like all other moms who worry about the effect of this registry on my Son’s well-being. I don’t understand how a one-time offender can be required to register for life. Most every other
felon is allowed to live their life after serving their time and probation.

Also, with my son, this case was not a violent event but is considered a tier III offense because the girl lied about her age. She created a fake MySpace profile to hook up with men. My son went on what he thought was a date and ruined his life.

There are predators but there should be some type of scale as time goes by without additional offenses to allow a reduction in requirements and eventual removal from the registry. I understand as a violent offender he is not eligible for removal at this time. If he could get his tier reduced at some point in the future, he could apply for removal from the registry eventually. If none of our efforts result in removal from the registry, we need to find out the process to move out of state or possibly out of the country.

My son is slowly slipping away and nobody really cares. It seems that if offenders take their own life or are incarcerated again it’s just one less person you have to keep track of.

The communication in this program really needs to improve. At the beginning of Covid, he received notice that registering as required would be done online. Once they determined that in-person registration would start again, they did not notify him. He is now being charged for non-registry since he continued to file online. Trooper King said he came by the house and
asked him if he knew how to register. He has been registering for over 10 years. Why didn’t the online process give an error if not allowed?  They also said he completed some fields incorrectly so they could see he attempted. Why did he just not say that registration was not completed correctly and he is in danger of being arrested?

I will say most visits are done first thing in the morning and I generally have to wake my son up when they come by the house. He has given up on work, friends, and any kind of social life as he is too tired of explaining his situation since every time things don’t work out he falls deeper into depression.

Anyone with common sense could tell that he did not intentionally miss his registration. He did not leave town or go on the run. He was at home and is always there when anyone stops by.

His next court date is in August and of course, he is concerned but also very unmotivated to try and help himself get out of this mess by asking for a court-appointed attorney.

He needs help to get his life back on track.

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