My complete gentleman is a person forced to register

I met Ethan on facebook. After talking for a while online about common interests, we took our conversation to the phone. All of our talks were NORMAL. Chats about common interests, current events, daily life, etc.

One day Ethan said that he needed to tell me something, so he wrote me an email explaining that he is a person required to register was convicted of 4 felonies and had spent 5 years in prison. He met an adult woman online and she decided to incorporate her 9-year-old daughter into the conversations with Ethan. Ethan, who was married at the time, with 2 daughters, will admit he was addicted to sexual material, which fueled his desire for more deviant conversation but with an ADULT. This was all in the realm of fantasy. He never visited the woman. Testified that he never asked for pictures, and this was pure fantasy.

Ethan was a respected middle school principal. He informed police of the woman’s role in the conversations and pictures of her own daughter, but Ethan was convicted of aiding and abetting, and possession of child pornography.

His wife left him. He lost his job of course. He has no relationship with his daughters, and he admits what he did was stupid, wrong, and immoral.
But was it illegal ??

He is out of prison and has done a good job of getting his life back together. He has a factory job, yet holds master’s degrees. Lives in a decent, but small apartment in a bit of a sketchy neighborhood in middle America. He wears an ankle bracelet, yet all of his crime was online.

And has dated me for almost 2 years. He has met my teenage children and I completely believe he would never hurt them or I would not be this far.

He loves me and he has treated me better than I have ever been treated by any man. We attend church together. He is an active volunteer (in areas he can serve). He loves God. And he knows what he did was wrong. But he has paid his debt to society but is still being ostracized when he is completely harmless.

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2 thoughts on “My complete gentleman is a person forced to register

  1. The position of Women Against Registry is that once a debt is paid by a human being with any one of hundreds of these types of offenses they should NOT be on any registry. The empirical research clearly indicates that public registries do not protect the public. They are merely ‘feel-good measures’ to make the public feel safe.

  2. Yellowrose I’m glad you said that and at times we all wonder if the debt is paid for considering this registry ruse that many go thru for various reasons. At times the stigma is enough that government seems to brand one with or this mark. And with this internet its all over the internet. And government has to justify itself as its all for safety.

    Government doesn’t use true understand and does lack knowledge in many respects.

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