Need advice.

I mass downloaded pornography using LimeWire it was caught up in some type of Sting operation.

I have recently discovered that during my trial in 2018-2019 a polygraph was not submitted to the court system by my lawyer. This polygraph was for a plea deal offered by the courts. I was made aware of this deal by the FDLE officer and my lawyer. Upon completing a polygraph test denial and a psychosexual I would be offered: 1) a withhold of judication
2) 2 years of normal or sex offender probation
3) but the most important part was after my probation I would be removed from the registry!

This deal was retracted and I cannot find documentation in the state attorney’s public records of it. But I can prove that paperwork was not submitted by my lawyer for this plea deal even though he said he did. I even contacted the polygrapher who had the polygraph test and he was appalled that it was not submitted. To my understanding, they just wanted to make sure that I was safe to be in society and had to do something about the situation but I guess when they didn’t receive the proper paperwork it looked like I was being defiant and non-compliant.

I’ve tried remedying this situation by
1) opening up a Florida bar case against my previous lawyer.
2) contacting the conviction integrity unit of Orange county CIU.
3) And everyone says I should start trying to find a civil lawyer to sue my previous lawyer for malpractice and negligence which he has committed and can prove but no one seems to be wanting to take my case

To be clear I never should have been on this nightmarish registry and because the Florida bar is consistently siding with their own and there is no real Justice I can’t find a solution to my problem I’ve decided to try to make an appointment with my state representative but I don’t know how that may turn out. My lawyer has destroyed my life with one simple polygraph not being submitted and I can’t even find a way to sue for damages.

Currently, the CIU has my case open and is reviewing what has happened and I have resubmitted the paperwork to the Florida bar for an appeal. I even talked to my former lawyer who viewed my situation as a joke and lied to me some more which I caught him in.

I need some form of Justice I have according to the courts less than a year to file for ineffective assistance of counsel and we fight my case or I can try to sue my lawyer to recoup losses and try to restart my life somewhere else besides Florida. I feel like a slave every day.

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