Pierce County Falsely Incarcerated My Husband

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The jury of Pierce County incarcerated Kevin Wayne Houser, my husband, on July 28, 2022, with a potential life sentence.
Accused of 2 counts of molestation 1st degree and 1 count of incest 2nd degree.
No supporting evidence and reading the transcript it should have been a not-guilty verdict. There is suspicion that one or more of the jury members looked up Kevin W. Houser outside of the courtroom.
He is a registrant and has never reoffended (his first and only offense was at 15, showing a younger kid his genitalia). He is a level 3 offender due to being homeless and Pierce County refuses to let him file the paperwork to bring him back to a level 1.

He was accused by two adults and one pre-teen. The father accused Kevin Houser of molesting his daughter. Her boyfriend also accused Kevin Houser of molesting her.
She later had her 12-year-old son, accuse Kevin Houser of molesting him.
I can’t say if he was made to say that.

I need help! I don’t want to lose the only man I love and I don’t want his daughter to be stuck in an unsafe environment. I’m scared and I don’t know how to help him get out!

Thanks for at least reading, please help me.

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