RSO Has No Rights And No Freedom

My name is John and I live in Virginia. I’m 28 and currently still a registrant. I caught my charge when I was 18 and was charged with indecent liberties with a child basically I asked my neighbor (She was 5 or 6) if she wanted to see my dick she said yes so I showed her and then I asked her if she wanted to suck it she shook her head no so I ran home jumped in my bed and instantly regretted what I’d done. (nothing sexual occurred) I went to jail for 6 months and had 4 1/2 years over my head remaining.

Recently I just got out of prison doing 3 years for being on social media when I wasn’t supposed to be. Upon my release my probation officer put me on GPS monitoring for 2-5 years so my freedom is taken away from me. I have an 8 pm curfew and so many restrictions that my mental health is being affected badly. I wish I had more freedom. To be honest I can’t do anything. Can’t play any sports with friends, no movie theatres, no beach, no social media, no dating apps, can’t have a smartphone (only a flip phone) no recreation centers, no gyms, no internet period!

It’s difficult finding a place to live because I have o live 500 feet from a school or playground, insanely ridiculous registry rules, lie detector tests and they do a sexual history test. A lot of BS to humiliate and belittle us. I consider what probation does to us as controlling and they want us to stay locked up instead of rehabilitated. I’m just explaining what goes on with us. We have no rights, no freedom and we get bullied and treated like we are not even humans. If you wanna contact me and wanna know more reach out here.

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