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Consequences of marrying an rso?

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hi, i've recently started dating my current partner and he's on the registry, 5 years into his 10 year probation. Obviously, if we move in together, he'll have to register at my address. I was wondering how this would impact me on a background check? What if we get married? If I'm getting a background check, will the details of his legal issues come up? curious as to other people's experiences, would love to know more, and thank you in advance for sharing your insight

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Not sure how that will impact your background check since you began your relationship with your significant other after his adjudication. However, if people find out his registry status, and that you are in a  relationship with him, that may influence there perception of you, which may impact any jobs or groups you will be allowed to join. Not all people think this way. I just don't now who does and doesn't think this way. If you get married you may have residence restrictions. Also, he may not be able to attend school functions, if that applies.  Depends on state and local laws.