Lawyer looks to end retroactive ‘one-size-fits-all’ sex offender law

How refreshing to see more recognition to support the fight against the destruction of families in regards to these outdated laws… throughout the United States. It is through my own personal experience there exists misleading,inaccurate information that continues to make any factually baseless accusations known, to be untrue with respect to the innocent. I will echo the statement and findings, ‘one-size-does-not fit all’ because ‘things are not always as they seem.’ It is becoming more apparent throughout the country of the dishonest, irrelevant and totally failing registry system proving more and more how it is resorting to attack the definitive parts, not originally considered of any successful famiies after the registrant has already paid the price ~ especially for 25 years.(such as in the case of my husband, who has paid the price and continues to after that amount of time). If he pays, our family pays. Over and over again…Families end up becoming broken by the law…not from an individual circumstance or mistake. It is especially persecuting when one is dishonestly, or ignorantly labled in a higher brand on a tier, because of laws and not being allowed to correct a wrongful accusation or correct a label just because of a system that is loaded with ‘codes’ This has been and continues to be a hypocricy of the system and the registry problems attached to those groups who like them to perpetuate within the core of where it has been created. There has unfortunately been intense suffering to punish and extort us for political support and gain. However, the growing groups of families and organizations will continue to refuse to succumb to any extortionist demands of wrongful incorrect punishment on the defamatory records developing on the registry.

There is a silent majority of SO families growing… that no longer have to remain silent. Our presence in this ‘war’ has forced others to also become more outspoken, to defend American famiies who are forced into the collateral damages it creates. It is time to acknowledge and make changes. We are “real people” and will become stronger. There are too many in charge of the registry that do not play by the rule book. There needs to be answers, reform and prevention of oposite results. For the longest time, our government has been saying one thing, but doing the opposite. Obvious acts of desperation for popularity, votes, power and money. After decades its time to say to those who claim to be “experts” “No, you can’t do it that way.” ~ This is what the American people, families,and many citizens really want. Families are becoming tired of the socialistic approach to control people’s lives ~ especailly those who have paid the price and try to move on with life. It is proving to be counter productive by trying to divert people by using exagerated techniques of fear against SO, and their families, rather than honest education and factual fairness. They are trying through the SOL registry to deny American families put into this arena any real fair choices, or second chances in life. They are advocating for the current power structure and current protected political class who honestly do not know the depths of SOL. Rather they allow themselves to be molded and present an illusory facade that quickly dissipates after elections and eventually leaves the general public disappointed and angery.

Don’t we all deserve a real choice? Aren’t LGBT’s and Gays recieving choices? Now prisioners are being released from prision and illegal immigrants allowed into our country by the thousands yet, SOL families are thrown into the registry together; many for life, that shouldn’t be there is different??? These issues are appearing to be strongly contadictory.

“My rights, our rights, come from the Creator, not the state,and our ‘Constitution ~ like the Declaration of Independence before it was predicated on a simple truth; One’s liberty, not to mention one’s digity, was something to be shielded from ~ not provided by ~ the State.” (refer to the Fugitive Slave Act) Legislators should be better examining more honest options in the SOL registry.

We as famiies refuse to simply shrug our shoulders any longer and abandon basic principles that have guided our country successfully for the past 239 years. Thank goodness we have some Lawmakers who are now considering in the legislation to strengthen and reform SOL using bonds of unity and explore ALL available options in the SOL registry. Many Christian organizations have promised enduring opposition,and political action committes have been established. No, these issues with SOL registry are not settled. The tension is only increasing due to the Collateral Damagess being caused. But, “We will resist and reject judicial tyranny, not retreat.” Especially when it is incorrect or, misused against families…such is the case of my own. “The majority graciousity suggests that religious believers may continue to ‘advocate’ and ‘teach’ their views…like forgiveness ~ The Fist Amendment guarantees, however, the freedom to ‘exercise’ religion.” Forgiveness ~ Second Chances. The practices of the registry robs the people of the most important liberty they asserted in the Declaration of Independence and won in the Revolution of 1776: the freedom to govern themselves.” “Courage is not the absense of fear; Courage is being scared to death and doing the right thing anyway.” Thank you ~

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