State of Ohio v. Travis Blankenship in Ohio Supreme Court Tuesday, March 10, 2015 with recorded oral arguments

State of Ohio v. Travis Blankenship

ISSUE: Do the mandatory sex-offender classifications in Ohio law constitute cruel and unusual punishment if the classification is grossly disproportionate to the nature of the offense and the character of the offender?


Tuesday, March 10

Oral argument before the Ohio Supreme Court can be viewed by clicking here


Columbus, Ohio–the hearing was open to the public

Ohio Supreme Court

65 Front Street

Columbus, OH




Watch the recording of the oral arguments

Note:  the video is archived and available for later viewing.



Case file is online here—briefs, memorandums, etc.:

State of Ohio v. Travis Blankenship

Case Number 2014-0363

See also:

State of Ohio v. Blankenship, Slip Opinion No. 2015-Ohio-4624

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