Victory for Indiana Juveniles

From one of our legal beagles………….

His Summary:

This says that you can’t force a kid into a treatment facility and force him to talk about his other offenses and take polygraphs and then use that information against him. Here, the boy revealed that he had molested two (2) other children, but it was admitted during the course of treatment that he had to comply with. The prosecutor used that information as the basis to file additional charges and the court said, “not so fast.”


This is the argument I have been using for years about adult sex offender treatment. People have been charged with talking about their other victims to try to get help and ended up getting charged with new crimes. They have also been violated on probation/parole for admitting to having relapses. Instead of being able to get help for, say, buying or view porn or driving by a school with temptations, they were instead violated.


Kids have special protection under the juvenile mental health act, but adults don’t. So, that makes treatment very ineffective when one has to constantly think if what they say may land them with more charges.

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