WAR Pushes Back in Connecticut

Contact: Vicki Henry, President
Women Against Registry

Women Against Registry Pushes Back on Laws Detrimental to Children

Two point five million family members depend on Women Against Registry, a national organization to advocate for them. These families are under a constant barrage of attacks because they are related to or friends with one of the 769,402 men, women and children convicted of a sexual offense. We have begun “Pushing Back” on laws and restrictions which are annihilating the family units.

Evidence provided by some of our nation’s top scholars suggests,” Sex offender registration and notification (SORN) laws can impede community reintegration efforts of RSOs and potentially contribute to recidivism,” states research by Jill Levenson, Ph.D., and Richard Tewksbury, Ph.D..

Sex offender laws are based on numerous misperceptions about sex offenders and sex offender risk factors, public fear, and the pressure for policy makers to “do something” about this social problem.” This is from a recent study that attempts to reconcile the facts of sex offender science against the views of lawmakers. (The Sponsors of Sex Offender Bills Speak Up – Policy Makers’ Perception of Sex Offenders, Sex Crimes and Sex Offender Legislation, Michelle Meloy, Jessica Boatwright & Kristin Curtis On behalf of: International Association for Correctional and Forensic Psychology).

Women Against Registry is asking Connecticut lawmakers to refrain from passing legislation filed this year and to rely on empirical evidence for future legislation. We ask that alternatives such as pre-trial diversion programs be considered for first time offenses. “Legislators cite the news media and the views of their constituents — not researched evidence — as their primary sources of information about sex offenses and offenders,” said Amy Borror spokeswoman for the Ohio Public Defender’s Office.

As the end of Child Abuse Awareness month draws near we want to encourage everyone to support this each year. W.A.R. has marched with other organizations to emphasize how necessitous this program is to protect children.  Vicki Henry, President of Women Against Registry says, “We advocate for the safety and protection of all children and the Victim’s Rights Groups have done an awesome job of advocating for the child victims we also advocate for the children of those who have been adjudicated, debt paid and living law-abiding lives” she goes on to say “They are shunned, beaten up, not allowed to attend Christian schools, not allowed to have their registrant parent attend award ceremonies and many other events on a growing list that inhibits healthy parent-child relationships!”   

We are asking the Connecticut senators and representatives to take a hard look at each and every proposed piece of legislation that comes before them regarding a sexual crime law or restriction and evaluate it based on empirical evidence, long term effects on all the families and manageability. The scientific research will tell the story.  Also, research indicates, the three basic factors to impact successful re-entry are; safe and affordable housing, adequate employment and support from family members and the community.

We are “Pushing Back” against laws that were written out of fear and the unfortunate loss of a few well publicized national cases. “Clearly, registered citizens and their families would fare better among communities if allowed to live happy, healthy and law abiding lives without fear of harassment and public scrutiny,” said Kimberly DuBina board member.



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