Weekly Update 2019-05-07 (Recording ID# 26)

May 9, 2019, 11:14 pm

Dear Members and Advocates,

Legislative session is over and the one bill we were concerned about is dead. The last action on House Bill 987 is that it is “indefinitely postponed and withdrawn from consideration.” This was the bill that would haver required in person PRE-registration in the county where a registrant would have stayed in any hotel, motel or vacation rental 48 hours in advance. How anyone can possibly register in person 48 hours before arriving someplace would have been a good point to have litigated, but thankfully we dodged that bullet. A special and sincere thanks to all who responded to our Call to Action and contacted their legislators asking them to oppose the bill.

We might not have to worry about it this year, but as we saw with the silly “child-like sex doll” bill, what fails one year can be introduced the next. WQ so we need to stay vigilant and be ready to organize ourselves again when the time inevitably comes.

So the “interesting” bills that did make it through are Lauren Book’s “child-like” sex doll and “prostitution registry” bill. Neither impacts our population. With regard to the first, just be sure to check IDs properly when purchasing or borrowing (I know, yuck, but it’s actually in the bill) a sex doll. With regard to the prostitution registry; we are STRONGLY against all registries, but as we said quasi-sarcastically in previous posts, let them make a registry of people who solicit prostitutes, people who abuse animals, people who commit domestic violence and most importantly; drunk drivers (we can call that the “Ron Book Public Safety Act”). Make them all retroactive and add new conditions to them each year. Allow third parties to re-publish the information on private sites that will extort them for money to remove the information. And allow municipalities to create their own “special rules” for them in their communities. I suspect once the first politician finds himself on a public list that brands him as a “human trafficker” for something he did decades ago, there will be a lot of rethinking.

This past week our President, Gail Colletta, was again quoted in the news – this time it made national syndication – in an article on the issues of housing elderly persons required to register. A rapidly growing population with ZERO attrition (Florida has lifetime registration even if the person is physically or mentally incapacitated), has caused a huge problem that people are beginning to take notice of. The US News article can be read here and we hope and will do all we can to ensure this important topic remains in the headlines. If someone is physically incapable of offending because of age, handicap or no longer being present in the community or is too mentally incompetent to comply with the confusing requirements, there is no logical reason for keeping them on the registry.

Hopefully, now that session is over and legislators are returning to their local districts, each of us will take the time to set up a meeting with their lawmakers to talk about our issues. Perhaps we can encourage one or more to sponsor legislation for the next session.


The Florida Action Committee

Reminder:  New Member Orientation Call this Thursday May 9th at 8pm ET. Call in to ask questions, learn more about the organization and volunteer opportunities, or share information.  Everyone Welcome.


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The opinions expressed within posts and comments are solely those of each author, and are not necessarily those of Women Against Registry.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Update 2019-05-07 (Recording ID# 26)

  1. Ok, do we have anyone in Tennessee to turn to in our bill fighting? The legislators passed another amendment increasing punishment for individuals required to register. They increased the restriction from 1000 feet away from schools to 2000 feet and no overnight visits where minor resides or is present. If they are constantly passing more laws isn’t that increasing punishment?

    Their reasoning, the sheriff of Giles County said he wants Tennessee to become more stricter like Alabama. He wants to get those required to register out! He does’t want them here. The reason for some moving to Alabama is so they can be with their children. So, needless to say they are passing laws that hurt families and give people less hope. There are people out here who are law-abiding and complied with all requirements. They have been offense free for years and should be able to be assessed before they even put you on a registry for many years or life without due process. Risk assessed to show you are not a threat or have same mindset as twenty thirty years ago. This is all wrong. They go by original conviction and judge you forever on that of twenty years ago. The way the laws are now a days it does nothing to restore reform or give people hope. I’ve read so many stories of people committing suicide, their children harassed, families harassed. Causing harm. Create homelessness. Not able to be with their kids. If you have multiple states fighting for our families, but Tennessee has no one who is fighting this stuff. I don’t have lots of money to get a lawyer or I would. If I was wealthy you bet, I would be fighting for us all. I am writing legislators who don’t care and I’m writing the governor as well. My husband wrote to the governor. This is what I’m able to do. Everyone’s family and if they able be online with permission needs to write their governors, Supreme Court. etc.. Start to fight against our rights being taken away. Seems like everyone else has rights except our families. No crime is right but to punish someone for the rest of their lives by adding punishment after punishment; restriction after restriction and not being able to be part of your child’s life is wrong if you had not done any kind of evaluation as to whether the parent is unfit and a threat. It doesn’t make sense when there is no reform; no second chance. Tennessee is getting like Florida.

    1. Actually, I’m rephrasing what I wrote. There have been people on the registry maybe ten years or longer and their offense was almost twenty years ago but convicted later in life. While in that time period they have changed, reformed, made new new i.e, new family, with love, support, stable job and a home to call home. But with no reassessments done. So, that’s what they do. They convict you and don’t reasses you while other states do reasses you.

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