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Car Vandalized

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My husband is a person required to register (pornography) and was charged in 2013 and has not had an incident since. He has been through therapy, required treatment (honestly, treatment is a total joke - more like treatment to deal with all the crazy laws and probation!). Anyway, we just moved to a new state and are doing well here, staying in a hotel while we wait to close on our house. Things were going quite well until last week when someone vandalized our car (I am the primary driver, but it's listed on the registry because he drives it some as well). They wrote "Pedo alert" in orange spray paint on both sides, other nasty words, and sprayed the tires. I was sickened when the hotel staff alerted us the next morning. Our five-year-old baby boy rides in that car. My husband is totally reformed and is one of the most honest and hardworking people I know. He realizes he made a mistake years ago but is it fair that our entire family has to "pay" for it because the registry thinks it's a good idea to list the address of ANY place we stay online...? He had to spend HOURS cleaning our car off in the heat because someone chose to vandalize our vehicle. Of course, the hotel didn't have cameras pointed in the back where we were parked. 

At this point, I guess I just want moral support and I am curious if anyone else has had something like this happen? We moved to a relatively small town and I am not that shocked that someone quickly found us, but I was devastated that they must have seen our son's car seat in the back and thought writing gross things all over MY car was a good idea. 

I really hate how much all of this makes me hate people.