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Life as an RSO

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I've been having to register for 8 years now and I've lived in 3 different states and was wondering if other people would like to share their experiences in different places across the country. 


I'm male and 36 years old with a wife and 4 children. 2 step children and 2 of my own. I met my wife when I was on parole in California. I was released from prison in 2013 for sex w/ a minor age 15. It was an error in judgement, I was basically a drunk and did nothing but party and drink. 

Anyway,  of the states I've been in Nevada is so far the strictest. I'm a tier 2 there and that's a 25 year registration, everything is published on the registry, but you don't have to notify your employer. 

I currently live in New Mexico where I'm a tier 1 and am not published on the registry, but I have to notify my employer prior to employment. My wife wants to move because the crime here is bad but this is one of the more lax states for registry. In 2023 I will no longer have to register in New Mexico because of their ten year requirement for my charges. 

I was wondering if anyone else would like to share what it's like in their state as a registrant. Maybe we can learn more about places and give each other hopes for those of us who feel they are trapped. I know Texas, Utah, Washington, and I think California even changed the law recently, are states that allow 10 year registry conditions for RSO's who qualify. 

Anyway, thank you for taking the time to read this. Just trying to share information from my own experience and learn some more to gain some insight as to where people can live and have some normalcy in life.