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My husband and I are looking to connect with others who were convicted of looking at images on social media and are victims of childhood sexual abuse. My husband was raped at gunpoint when he was 8 years old and persisted for several years until his abuser was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident.

My husband never received treatment and held in his trauma for 38 years until he was triggered by a chat room on an app called Kik. He is now in federal prison serving a 6.5-year sentence.

We believe the system punishes victims who are re-victimized by what is on social media. The government knows where this material is but allows it to “catch predators”. Men who were once victims and do not repeat their trauma, but compulsively relieve it by what is online are not sexual offenders. They are walking wounded trauma victims.

The DOJ is overstepping its bounds by punishing child abuse survivors, much like arresting prostitutes who are forced to walk the street to feed a drug habit – which may be to masking their child abuse.

If you have a similar situation please post here so that we can connect. 


Amy and Jon Frey

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