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Life has been hard

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My husband is listed on the registry in Colorado, it was an internet based sting operation to which he was basically in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was on a dating app talking to someone who on there profile said between 19-25 years old.  During the conversation this person said "oh by the way I’m 14 is that ok?".  My husband stopped all communication! He did everything right (never talked about meeting up, never sent photos, never had inappropriate conversations and stopped the conversation when they said they were 14) but he is now labeled a sex offender and has to register all because it was an undercover predator cop. Colorado does not call it entrapment unless the person threatened you or provoked you. So we have 3 kids one of which is a baby, my husband can’t go to any school functions, he will miss our babies first day of school. We can’t find anywhere to live because of this and now have to live apart because the only place we have found is low income but he can’t live here so he has to live in a small RV away from his family because the registry has screwed him and our family!  The registry and all of it's counter productive restrictions must be abolished before it destroys more families.

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