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New to group. My husband is on the registry

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Hello everyone! My name is Hannah and I just joined the group after speaking with a Psychiatrist who works with individuals on the registry. This doctor is a huge advocate for those on the registry and in trying to change legislation so it’s not just an all or nothing scenario. He told me to join this group and hopefully be able to communicate with people who are in similar situations as I. 


My husband, Tim, is a tear 2 sex offender and has been on the registry since 2013. He downloaded pornography of 100 videos 3 of which included women 16 and 17 years old. Because his computer was not protected he was charged with distribution. To make a long story short he has a crap lawyer who told him to take a plea deal. Tim is a wonderful man and it truly breaks my heart every single day to see him and I am sure many other individuals on the registry for reasons that aren’t just black and white. Tim and I are expecting our first child in a February and I am curious to hear from other people who have children as to how they handle it. 

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Hi Hannah my name is Caitlyn. Unfortunately my husband too is on the registry. He had consensual sex with a girl that lied about her age and when her parents found out, they pressed the charges on him. He was 22 when it happened. He has been on the registry now for 13 years. It is such a struggle for us everyday! Im sure you know all about it! Anyways, congratulations on your baby!! We just got married on July 21st and had our son on July 26th! We were so happy to bring our baby boy home but the absolute WORST thing ever happened....CPS (child protective services) got involved while he was still in the hospital. At first they tried saying it was because of some medicine I was prescribed but we knew better than that. They took our son into custody straight from the hospital because of my husband being a sex offender. We are now having to jump through hoops to prove to them that we are good parents, good people and are able to take care of our baby. I know this must scare the crap out of you and Im sorry! Thats not what Im wanting to do! But I just want you to be careful of what you tell them. Not saying to lie to them! But knowing what we know now, we wouldnt have put his name on any of the paperwork. We obviously said that he was the dad, gave all of his information and then all of a sudden, we have them calling us wanting to talk! I thought it was a dream. We had just got married, were getting ready to take our baby boy home and then they intervene and everything just got turned upside down. They tried terminating his rights! But they knew they wouldnt have got away with that. I mean he is legally allowed to get married and have children! Instead they gave him a 90 day probation period of showing up to all of his classes (he has to take a crap ton of classes, random drug tests, visits, etc). We are fighting tooth and nail to get our son back and to abolish the registry! The registry is literally ripping families apart! I dont know what state you live in and what their laws are but were here in Oklahoma and thats what happened to us. But I wish the best for you guys, well be praying for yall. Please feel free to call me at 405-473-0054 if you want to talk. Id really enjoy having someone to talk to that understands what Im going through with my husband being on the registry and all. 

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I hope all is well with you now.  I realize this post is a few months old.  But I just want to say that I commend you for standing by your husband and taking a chance on him, to even date him at the beginning.  How did you get past the fact that he's a citizen required to register in the first place?  Did he share it with you on the first date?  I ask because my son also was 22 and sent to prison for 7 years for Carnal Knowledge. He is now 32 years old and been on the registry for only 2 years, but every time a girl might get interested in him and text him, they google him and drop him like a hot potato.  How did your husband inform you? #carnalknowledge