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Arizona's SORA is Unconstitutional

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My name is Billy Ray Snell Jr. and I'm in the process of searching for any attorneys that will help me attack the constitutionality of Arizona's SORA law and their Failure to Register Statute. I don't care if I win any money out of it or not all I want is to have my convictions in Arizona overturned and my name removed from Arizona's register. See I came from Colorado to Arizona without a duty to register because Colorado discontinued my duty to register. Arizona has said that because I have two prior convictions for failing to register in Colorado that they are considered a new sex Offense in Arizona and that's why Iam being forced to register, and was convicted of failing to register in Arizona despite the facts that my prior convictions in Colorado are over 10 and 20 yrs old and my duty to register was discontinued. Now because of my unjust convictions here in Arizona Iam on parole with an ankle monitor on living in a halfway house with an unrealistic curfew. I have to start all the way from the bottom making minimum wage to work my way back in to my career as an over the road truck driver.  My fiancee Tabatha D. Hageman is struggling without me and her daughter is in the care of DCS and even if we were to live together DCS will use the fact that I'm a registered sex offender in Arizona even though I shouldn't be, to keep my fiancee's daughter from her. My fiancee has to hide me and our relationship because of what Arizona has done. Iam even having to walk and ride around the streets of Tucson as a level 3 sex offender looking over my shoulder for fear of attack because Arizona has sought retribution for my past actions and not for any new actions. I have even lost two really good job opportunities one that I had within 4 days after my release due to all of this. What has been done and happened to me here in Arizona is very unconstitutional and cruel and unusual punishment especially considering the arguments raised in Millard v. Rankin which is a case out of the U.S. District Court of Colorado. If anyone can help me or give me some leads on attorneys that will help me and take my case pro bono please feel free to contact me at 720-661-2681 this needs to come to a stop so no one else like myself will have to go through what I'm going through. I look forward to hearing from anyone.