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Reaching out  


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06/07/2019 1:00 pm  

I am a 37 year old man on the registry in sc for sexual exploitation of a minor 3rd degree. I met a girl online. She told me she was 19 turned out to be 15 after she sent me some revealing pics. I maybe should have used more caution in my conversation asked for a i.d. pic etc.. But I can't believe my life is ruined over one mistake. I don't feel I exploited anyone but they made it look like I was the devil in court and now I am registered for life. I never even met the girl in person it seems a ridiculous overreaction. Now I am constantly depressed. Not a day goes by I don't think about killing myself. I have no woman to be with and no friends and I know I never will. I lost several good jobs and opportunities because of it. I am terrified to go out in public. Can't sleep or eat at times. Cry constantly and its still not enough punishment for the overzealous officials here in cherokee county.its a small community so word gets around and everyone looks down on me. I worry it may effect my mother or dogs and home someday. People have said hateful things to me in public many times. To make matters worse no one keeps the law in check here. The sheriff of the county Steven Meuller once told me I had no rights in this county because Im a sex offender, the only registrar we have abuses her authority constantly. She told me I couldn't move because she said so. Charged me with violation when I was only a day late because it slipped my mind.  Now I don't know what might happen. I went back to jail and have a court date again. Its obvious they are just being spiteful to offenders and trying to get rid of them by any means necessary. I know some of what they do is in violation of the law but no one will help me stand up to them. In Sc once they put you on the registry they relentlessly harass you. People despise you. I would treat someone like a queen but no one will have me. I am here reaching out in hopes someone will give an honest hardworking man a chance to not be alone anymore or at least make a friend. Also looking to help fight the injustice of the registry as a whole if someone can help me join the fight. I am just lost, like I said here the local authorities rule with an iron fist and look out for one another. No lawyer will sue the county or state I tried. We operate on an archaic buddy system in cherokee county where officials just do literally whatever they please. My address is Shannon Morrison p.o. box 424 Blacksburg SC 29702 my email is anyone who can help me, needs a friend, or just wants a good man to treat them like a queen regardless of his past please contact me. Regular mail is best then I will give you my number. Thank you


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