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Is Making a Wrong a right or what is True Justice

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Yes believe it or not TWO WRONGS DON'T MAKE A RIGHT, so what is right? One would say the right thing to do is do the right thing in the first place without intimidating factors. While public safety is good so is internet safety, true value. and principals . While public safety is the responsiblity of every good citizen to conduct his or herself properly while in public and even driving one's vehicle, watching at cross walks, and obeying speed laws, red lights, helping others or leading a hand to show courtesy to others in a public setting. Public safety is just common sense even loving thy neighbor is a blessing.

While the same can be true for the internet today or should their be a safety factor. It appears that the internet takes on a whole different meaning and shape. While one person says today it takes two to tango it appears that the internet is a devlish ruse in many of these types of games today with these internet sex sting operations.

While a ruse can be induced by others it can also be seduced by others. Common sense is that sex has been a common demonator since the dawn of history, whether in private or in the public eye it seems to have boar its way into the internet age. Yes this has been going on for a decades and even longer.

Authorities have seemed to cabbage on this market to protect and to use it as an internet safety factor to either ensnare or as mentioned to seduce or snare a would be victims into this game of one pretending to be a teenage person looking for sex. Who is making merchandise of one in this prostitution type of vain justice. Life is not a game.

While their is nothing wrong with protecting and serving. it seems that sex is the high point. Sex or texting. if that is what one's intentions are to do on an adult site is up to them but there is something wrong with authority pretending in this new age of robbery by false deception. Yes today they talk about sex trafficing but who really is doing the sex trafficing when a (supposed) teenager leads one down the path with this type of sexual inducment. Now don't get me wrong sin is sin and yes authorities are still sinners. Are they welding the sword in this vain manner.

Yes child safety is good but even a child or teenager has common sense and would rather chat with their peer group on a teenage site. Another factor is teenagers do not right off the get go ask one to come down to their house for fun or sexual games in the middlle the night by a chance meeting via the internet if the truth be known. One would have to question that motive.

Yes it appears these authorities will do all that is necessary to sway or ensnare one to get the victim to come down and meet them. They will say their mom isn't home, that they have the whole house to themself ask you to bring condoms rubbers, dirty books ask for pictures, or say they want you to talk dirty to them. In reality who is being induced of seduced. Their was a TV article back in the 60's and 70's that stated only you can prevent forest fires. Today it seems authorities are playing with matches in this sorted game. Where is true justice today?

Is all this inducing or conning 101 when authorities have already planned this manuver type of ordeal that they are to take in this one size fits all game of demonic conning. Yes this has been going around all over the USA for too long and its time America wake up and take a stand as these internet encounters create divisons or is divine law greater than man's.

While many people have been snared and are lead down the path by this deception and with this type of desirable ruse of sex with a teenage girl the factors don't make sense if one listens carefully thru all this text jargon. Asking questions should also be a key factor if one gets the opportunity to chat on the phone with this pretend teenager as most can tell by ones voice that the person on the other end of the phone is fake or using a false falssetto voice or they might even say they have a cold to overthrow one more with this deceptive conversation ruse.

Their main goal is to get one down to their level to travel down to meet. One wonders as to why they are on an adult site. It has always been a ruse in the first place as practically all adult site's say one has to be 21 or over to perticipate and here they are a 15 year old child pretending to want to seduce or get naughty with you in this seneiro. Where are professional ethics of authorities.

Is this prevention a devilish tactics? And yes when its all said and done and one takes the bait they also try to induce you with a plea deal to save them embarrasment in going to court as police don't want the real general public to know about how these methods go when they are conning in this pretend and twisting game.. While conning one into doing something that will cause them hurt it appears that authorities are doing a devilish underhanded twisting effect on others. One wonders who is offending who.

Is true justice conning someone under the disquise of pretending in many of these situations or has true justice taken a backseat to principals and precepts of biblcal understading in devilish ways. One wonders who gets the glory and who gets the hearache.