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Sex offender travel rigs are confusing and too restrictive

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I own and operate a business in north Florida. I am considering taking my RV to south Georgia so I can attempt to grow my business. 

This is where the problems begin. First- because I will be living in an RV temporarily and would be moving frequently I will have to go to the police department in person frequently to update my registration since I would be considered a transient.

Secondly, Florida requires that I give them an address that I plan to move to in Georgia. This would be a problem in the fact that I would be moving from this location frequently.

In addition, I do not plan on living full time in Georgia as I have a home in Florida. So, do I have to contact Florida each time I plan to come home? And do I have to report to the police station?

Also, what will happen when I, one day, decide to retire and travel in my RV around the nation. Possibly full time? Will this mean I have to register in each state depending on the time frames and requirements etc. not to mention all the time, expense and effort it will cost. (It’s my understanding that some places actually charge you to register!)

If anyone can give me any advice it would be appreciated.

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Hi Jim,

              My name is John (AKA sloan44) and operate the WAR of Florida web page.

Please email me, regarding your travel questions to: In fact, would like to speak with you if you're ok with that.

Take Care, keep safe.