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Some time ago a person told me that we had lost some hard working individuals for the Women against Registry organization. First I want to say thank you for anyone that has ever helped in any way. Regardless of whether you chose to be in front of legislatures or you type supportive comments. Your work counts. Don't minimize the value of your work, and definitely my appreciation.

Second, anyone can show appreciation for the people who support those of us that are or have been trapped by this cruel registry. I would never ask someone to jeopardize their safety and security. I had a thought when I was in a quiet room. If you may be in a room and only a few people are quietly whispering, they are hardly noticed. If the room is full of people, and everyone is whispering, the volume is much greater. 

My point is a CALL TO ACTION. There are enough of us, Registered Citizens and family members to fill many rooms. Politicians care about noise and numbers. We have numbers and can make noise. All we have to do is have enough of us whisper in the same room. Let us show our appreciation and show we have the backs to the people who have our backs in this fight.

I don't intend to insinuate anyone is doing less than their best, I just needed to get this off my mind. We are people and we matter just as much as anyone else.

THANK YOU to the WAR Leadership