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This will never end

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A year and a half ago I found the photos. He told me what he did. I reported it before it was reported by a therapist and because both my ex (his father) and I are mandated reporters. 

A year and a half of therapy. We were hoping to get his record expunged at 18. 

He just failed his polygraph. 

The truth is, he is attracted to young children. I am coming to realize that. I thought it was curiosity or grooming (I also discovered a *relationship* with someone online claiming to be a 13 year old girl constantly goading him to do things to his little sister). His curiosity started long before the relationship we know now. 

At the beginning of this he was detained. The state came after us for child support at $300 per day. It was a weekend and we were able to prove in court that monday that it was a miscommunication that he had not broken any rules of his probation so they did not force it. 

They are talking placement again. He is not safe. But I cannot afford yet another bill. At the beginning of this I lost housing due to financial problems and was homeless for 3 months. I BARELY meet my bills now. This has the potential to land me homeless again and that is a terrifying prospect. 

But he is not safe if left unsupervised at all. He is high functioning autism. He is very smart, but socially justifies anything he wants to do. He is probably about age 10 socially in spite of his IQ. 

I can't be with him non stop. I have to work. And if I am with him non stop my other minor child can't come for visitation anymore. 

I love my son, but I feel like I gave birth to a sociopath now. There is not enough therapy to deal with this. 

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Please send me your email address.

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@ seraphina. You know I haven't been on WAR's forum in several years or even more and I know much of this registry cycle is emotional. Sure I got mixed up with this registry in 2012 and yes as one might say all these ordeals are different in perspective.

Even when Women Against the Registry came around I was a bit curious why a woman would stand up for a man or even their own one's spouse. Vicki Henry impressed me. I even had a teacher in HS named Henry and she was my English literature teacher and yes she sent me to the office a few times. The point is a teacher is like a counselor and is suppose to counsel correctly.

Women Against Registry does a good job and I am impressed with their forum. I'm sure it's hard on all ladies to see their sons or daughters if the case may be in these ordeals. I was hard on my aunt back in the days when she had to get the paperwork together to bail me out of jail. She was a bail bondswoman but that was back in the early '80s.

Fast forward to 2012 and the many different situations that evolved in this unjust registry. See one thing I don't like about these registry ordeals is the laws change all the time. I had finished my required classes or whatever one wants to call them and about a week later they wanted me to take the courses again. Even lie detectors tests are a bit vain & and sidetracking and so is much of this registry

Using the sword in vain & the sword of Justice are two different views. Even correcting has two different views but as long as the law stays in the guidelines of the Constitution, Bill of rights, and also the guidelines of Biblical teachings which are moral principles of any society then it's tough to overreach or over breach one's liberty. Much of this jail or prison time doesn't do any good. Now from my understanding, the Old Testament was our teacher. Even we can all learn from this President's situation. See when principals and principalities collide the government in all areas has to take notice.

I don’t care if they are dog catchers rules the rules and guidelines are there to help in situations such as the ordeals of different natures. Sure a good preacher could preach until they are blue in the face but when the commandments are broken in many laws that waver in that direction it's time to piece a nation back together or even the law best one can if that makes any sense. Thus for every action, there is a reaction.

I want to say Hi to some of the people on here I knew when I came on here several years ago and I can't even count the years but we all have interesting stories to tell and try to understand the registry and law enforcement. Most of these ordeals are in vain and out of line.

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I feel your pain. I don’t know yet why mine did what he did. But I do know the pain. My son is an only child. He chose his niece as a victim. I guess I’m lucky because he’s an only child. His sister on the other hand is in tears because I got him a lawyer. He started with online photos and according to him, one app was the problem. Eventually, it progressed because we knew he had a problem we just didn’t think it was kids. My son will be 27 in 2 months and the lawyer is talking 19 years

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You know it's very hard to raise kids up today. My dad gave me some good advice not to get married. He married around 40 and my mom was about 21 back in the '40s. Sure my dad was born in 1900 into a family of 12. They had a smallpox epidemic back then and his parents passed away and a few others in the family. He was raised by his sister and his uncle back then in Ohio. Since my parents are gone I'm being helped by my sister in this ordeal now. While my situation was on the internet and an adult-only site there are many situations now that results in charges. 

Sure sex can be addictive but with a bit of faith and a positive drive one can overcome anything. Sure many on these types of forums don't like to talk about spiritual issues but are we not all spiritual? Family and relatives can compound things but there is no need to downcast family members.

My grandmother never even told me about my aunt because they had a falling out way back when they use to have family reunions. I'm from West Virginia and now live in Virginia. I went through a lot of ordeals in my teens & college days. DUI's things of that nature but the registry is hard on everyone. Serephine good things come out of bad. That polygraph test you talk about is like a horse of a different color.

I could have been locked up for years. My court-appointed lawyer backed out of the case. I wanted to go to trial with my case but at the last minute was offered a plea deal if you would like to call it that. And believe it or not, it was offered by the detective that enticed me which was a bit underhanded and crafty.

I plead guilty to my offense of having a 'potty mouth' in texts to this person. I also had an insight and a discernment that this wasn't a teenager I was talking to. The second night when they badgered me to travel down to see them I said ok but no sex.

In many of these instances, they trap boys, men, and college kids using sex as the motivator or bait. Even at times, incest can be the issue, but forgiveness is best and law enforcement authorities should not intermingle in family issues if that is the case. It's ok to be angry about these laws.

While the internet can be a bit confusing and yes men and some women are getting mixed up in all of this it's time to stop this mess. My DUI's and a small drug position charge in the past can never compare to these events. There are many on this registry that shouldn't be and I am just thankful for FAC, Women Against Registry, ACSOL, and others for standing up to much of this. So worrying doesn't do any good.

I was in jail in the past with a 19-year old that was accused of killing his parents which is sad to think about. Yes, I would like to have the registry over for many people. I'm still on the registry myself.

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Serephina one more thought and I'll keep it short. I use to do magic shows for kids, adults, church functions. I even did a D.A.R.E program for the county. Got hooked on getting responses to how women would react to a person using hyper type potty language on them. Now I'm sure women don't like an abrasive come on. And then on an adult site, I saw a person with a name tag as 15 year old wanting to chat.

Now your son can get over any pitfall. Get him a hobby. Even doing magic for groups gave me more confidence and ambition. Now I may talk about church or spiritual things but I cannot force anything on anyone. These authorities are using devious methods and a little bit of tenderness and kindness goes a long way. Some authorities will try to drag another down if they see a weakness.