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Two wrongs don't make a right

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I just sat down and explained the registry to a person, and this is what I said;

Some offenders victimize children, that is not ok. But it's also not ok to victimize the children from being on the public registry by association. How can this be right? Two wrongs don't make a right. By all means, quit making it public. Keep it on the police files where people can go check it. 

I still feel that it is double jeopardy, but I am thinking this is baby steps. 


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Actually, the two wrongs concept is perfect regarding the registry issue. Sure we are all weak in a lot of areas and when those on the other end of a webchat, such as a chat when others persuade one to meet up with them. One actually has to question them as to why.

Now, these sting operations via the internet are dubious grant you, and factors have to be weighed. But when pressured by the task force to meet the fault lies with the member more than the individual they are pushing. 

A teenage girl doesn't invite one for this sort of thing right off the bat in this riff-raff ordeal. When the site is listed as over 18 and you are surprised by law enforcement it is a bit underhanded. Many boys and men get involved and wrapped up in these encounters.

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I want to thank Vicki Henry for helping me clean up some of my posts. My english/lit. teacher Mrs. Henry also helped me and that is what a good instructor is all about.

Yes two wrongs don't make a right is a bit of a tug of "war" method and yes many times thru life we also make wrong turns. While good or bad sometimes may go hand in hand at times it's how one perceives laws for true justice to work. Yes, many are still on probation/parole or are just coming out of prison we are to help them in this fight for justice. No one likes to see a loved one in prison or jail or prison.

My dad used to say the government is only as good as its laws they make and dad was in the small utility business and had to go to court all the time. He was their tax account spokesperson when called upon and he hated to go to court to represent the gas company for some ordeal or be on jury duty.