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Possible Speakers

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Hey Folks,

As most in this forum already know, we have a conference adjacent to Washington DC (Crystal City) during the first week of March, 2023.  There previously was a call for nominations for WAR to pursue as speakers for this conf.  I personally nominated Dr. Horowitz as she is coming out with a new book this fall.  Her last book, “Protecting Our Kids?” was my very favorite in this genre so I have high hopes for this new one as well.
Also, I very much like to hear from powerhouse attorneys that are registrant friendly and have worked as both counsel and advocate for our cause.  This especially true now with our current SCOTUS determined to upheave our understanding of civil rights and laws.  It would be great to get an attorney that could speak to both our current legal cases, our future cases and also how this Supreme Court might impact our progress.
With the exception of Ira, who is always in the discussion, does anyone have any thoughts on who might be a good presenter for these topics?  I’d also like to hear if you’ve got a favorite presenter of any type that would accept speaking at this conf.  Cheers,  Erik