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Vigil Thoughts

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Howdy again folks,

Thinking about the vigil.  As is posted on the WAR website, we hope to conclude the 2023 conference with a vigil on or near the grounds of the Supreme Court.  I’ve been bringing this up in various forums, and even did a little song-and-dance at the NARSOL conference in NC.  There seems to be a lot of interest, at least with my fellow underlings, about doing something in protest of the infamous Roe v Smith.

That being said, there were also a lot of ideas of how this could work, and also a lot of concerns.  For one, there is concern about physicals violence against us as several folks were spooked about the incident in Idaho with the knucklehead suprematists, and also just being outnumbered by our enemies and having our voices drowned out.

Personally, I’ve no fear about being physically attacked or even threatened.  After Roe v Wade amongst other volatile rulings coming down the pike, I think that place will have a ton of security.  As for being outnumbered by folks from the right with propositioned conservative media, I’m not so sure.

One idea that was passed to me several times was to have the vigil done strictly by women and children as that would be the best optics for those perhaps just learning about the unjust registry and its unintended consequences.

I’d love to hear some ideas, especially since I’m not even exactly sure what even constitutes a vigil in the first place.  Cheers,  Erik