English Family’s Upheaval: The nuances of law

A woman in the United Kingdom reports that since that fateful knock on the door to the present, life, indeed has been difficult.  With the goal of protecting her husband’s emotional state and normalizing life for herself and her children, she did not divulge her husband’s legal status related to child pornography.  “I took on the responsibility; keeping secret. Until charges were made public in Magistrates Court, I lived in limbo not knowing the full scope of the charges as part of his Right to Privacy.”  Her relocation to avoid publicity meant, “Everything about my past, present, and future suddenly had a whole new perspective. I went from being a mum who lived in a nice part of my hometown with children attending local faith school, and a husband with a very good job

. . .to a person with a vague backstory for
why I needed a fresh start.

She reports her husband has been more successful with adjustment than she and her boys due to the resources and support for him within the probation program, including re-employment.  Her great sorrow is that more resources were not available to aid the family’s adjustment needs.

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