Analogies: A Powerful Way To Change Perception

When an entrapment case, a one-time lapse of judgment, prison time/probation/parole, and lifelong monitoring come under discussion, a veteran Registered Citizen suggests an analogy may help put things in perspective when emotions are in the way. He offers a good one below if you find yourself conversing with someone who seems beyond reason.

A person who paints houses almost everyday is a house painter.

A person who builds houses almost everyday is a house builder.

A person who sexually offends almost everyday is a sex offender.

“I have built one shed in my own backyard.  It was a learning experience.  It does not make me a shed builder. I reject the sex offender label: I’m a human being, a certified expert in my field, and a ham radio operator, but I am not a sex offender. And neither are most of the million people on the registry.”

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