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This is my opinion about the vast disparity surrounding the value of human lives across our nation by comparing two South Carolina hate crimes.

The hate crime carried out by this racist, the murder of the nine at the South Carolina church yesterday was terrible. How someone can just walk in a church and slaughter these people is horrible! I was on Twitter at the time and saw the tweet pop up regarding the incident. Within minutes of the incident it went from local news, the web, the White house, nation wide to world wide.

Within hours, the confederate flag was being blamed..that it promotes racism. How racist groups are to blame. The President, on a live broadcast, made a statement that firearms are to blame. Just this morning, in my email, was a petition to ban the confederate flag from being shown to prevent crimes of this nature. Broadcast, regarding this terrible crime, will continue for weeks. And then it hit me:

What about the other terrible hate crime by the racist in South Carolina that was carried out two years ago. A white supremacist husband and wife vigilante couple, Jeremy and Christine Moody slaughtered Charles and Gretchen Parker. Charles because he was a registrant and Gretchen..”Just because she was in the house”….the ultimate collateral damage.

It Didn’t make world wide news, nor nation wide news, it didn’t even make it state wide on the news; just local. It should have had the same broadcast bandwidth as the church shooting in S.C of yesterday with comparative statements by the media such as: “The registry is to blame for vigilantism and for this terrible crime!” But I guess the hate crime/racist crime on the Parker’s was not news worthy.  


The Government controls the media, the media controls the people. W.A.R helps educate the people with the truth.


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