WOW…just 68 years ago!

Wow…just 68 years ago the sex offender registry began in California to arrest, incarcerate and shame homosexuals. And just now, breaking news: SCOTUS states all LGBT have the right to marry through-out America. It is now the law of the land!

Being a Libertarian and registrant I feel all Americans have the right to live their lives in the manner they choose, as long as they cause no harm to others. So, I give this moment a double thumbs up! Think about this parallel…A law so cruel then as, the government/state pushed the myths and lies about LGBTs to the American people. Now the same government/states…yet a new type of media (Servant).. for the past two decades pushing the lies and myths about registrants and ruining their lives as well as those of their families.

LGBT has overcome, registrants will too. And I hope its in our lifetimes so we get to see it and feel the dome lifted off us and our families.

                                                                                  John (Sloan 44)

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