So frustrated and don’t know what to do

I’m 2010, my ex left with my daughter. I became a raging alcoholic. I had little concern for my welfare or well being. I happened to run into a woman that I knew from my teens. She was double my age when I first met her and began a sexual relationship. I was 16. She was 32. Well as I said in 2010 I was 26 years old and a raging alcoholic when I ran into this woman again. By this time she had a 16 year old daughter as well as a 14 year old daughter. I crashed at her place from time to time. But I was not looking for anything serious. She was tho. Well one night after I had been drinking. We got into a spat. And we’re arguing via text message. And not thinking about my language I said some pretty inappropriate things. And I also said something foul to the 16 year old. Fast forward two weeks later I was arrested. And charged with solicitation of a minor 15-18. Over a text message non contact. I was held with no bond throughout the entire case procedures. My court appointed lawyer was also currently running for the towns prosecution office. I fought and denied multiple plea deals. Until I was told I could go home and not be on the registry. So finally I caved. My sentence was 18 months I had to serve. Which meant I could go home in a couple months. I took the deal, I plead guilty. I changed my entire life once I was released. I no longer drank or did drugs. I got visitation of my daughters. I met and married my amazing wife. I completed my probation and multiple polygraphs and evaluations. I got my license back and started my own business. Life was amazing. With my wife came two amazing step kids that I stepped up and take care of as my own. They’re both straight A students and one recently graduated with honors and got a full ride to college. Well 2021 came along and I received a certified letter on my door from the commonwealth of Virginia. I went and signed for it. I was told after 10 years of no registration I now had to. I didn’t get any credit for the 10 years I have been a positive productive member of society. And they deem it not a punitive situation. And as if that isn’t hard enough to deal with. I recently have been dealing with harassment from a supposed friend who had a falling out with my wife. So this friend – who was supposedly trying to help me with this situation – is now using every social media platform to try and discredit me, having people call the companies that I contract thru. It’s miserable and sometimes I just want to give up.

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