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A girl has a baby and buries it (premature and stillborn) Gets probation ended early, but my son gets life on the registry.

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A High School cheer leader from Ohio, has a still born premature baby and buries it in her back yard and is charged with murder but found not guilty of murder but guilty of abuse of a corpse.

My son looked at underage pictures, no contact, no nothing. Even when asked on the Polygraph from the FBI, do you want to touch, he said no and Passed. Our own forensics company said he didn't even send the pictures else where. HE IS IN JAIL. HE WAS 21. He has not been sentenced yet.  We have young young peeps on the sex offense registry.  Makes no sense any way you slice it. I just had to get this out there. Thank you


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They say in therapy the polygraph won't be used in court, and yet, that's exactly what they use to lock them up. The whole thing reeks.