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I feel like I have to leave for my child's sake

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I found this forum after posting on another website for advice. My son isn't in school yet but will be. We live in a state that requires sending out flyers to all your neighbors. Luckily the first time we had to do it, nobody harassed us but the next door neighbor moved shortly after that. I find this mortifying and terrifying. I am an educated professional. My husband is too. But he cannot find a job. He is so demoralized. I saw the brochure provided by this community and based on the research into the effects on children I feel like I must leave my husband before my son is in school to give him any chance of a normal social life. This is such a hard decision. My husband is patient, kind and generous. He downloaded pictures 10 years ago. He doesn't like looking at prepubescent bodies but whenever someone sees the charge I'm sure that is what they assume about him. I hate that these excessive policies are probably going to force my hand. I thought we would be ok but he has to send out these stupid flyers every 5 years which is not very fair to the family members that did absolutely nothing! 

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