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I need help and advice. I have always had social anxiety and the course of my life and criminal past has not made recovery any easier.

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How do I talk to a woman about being a former sex offender?  I am trying to better myself, being honest, a lot of it seems relatively difficult.  How do I go about talking to women as a former sex offender?  Seems that trying to better yourself or by being honest it creates more problems, any help or advice?  As a former sex offender, how does one improve trying to be a good person?  Are there any tips on socializing and working?  As a sex offender, it seems social life is a dead issue.  Is it plausible to find those who would give a second chance?  I was 20 and I made a mistake.  Might not be able to erase the past but I am trying to better myself as a person.  I am not afraid to admit that I have done what I Have done in the past,  but I don't know how to explain to others.  Even in my younger years I have had communication problems such as social anxiety.  Might I gain some advice?   Am I just in the wrong part of the country.   Are others having problems with this?  Schools and Jobs are doing their bet to discriminate against me and it seems like there is no way to ever recover from that one bad choice I made long ago. 

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I have those exact problems as well. It seems we are in the worst state to recover from it. All I can do is offer a open ear if you want to talk my email is on this site. Please don't feel alone in your sufffering