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South Carolina and Lost

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Hey, My name is Lypen, Dennis Anthony

Birth Date 04, March 1989.

My religious practice is Pagan/Buddhist
My crime started June 2009 convicted January 2010 on possession of Child Pornography through a file sharing site called LimeWire to of which I downloaded images(videos) To serve an 8 year sentence with 3 years probation. I was sent to Prison 26, March 2010 to 29, December 2017
ever since I have been out. I felt like a member is the Salem trials awaiting for a pyre. I can not find any way at all to get a second chance. I have 0 friends and all I have is My Mother and Father who suffer from this as much as I do but I don't know where to turn or go.

I was working with my father at a place called Green Fence Recycling.  from august 2018 to February 2019. The business eventually closed down. though the only reason I got the job was because my father was employed there, and basically ran the plant. he now works in Chester South Carolina, to which I can not go with complications so I am currently looking for work but nobody is willing to give a chance. It seems the "bible Belt States" seem more difficult. and with me not having a job I am not in compliance with probation. every time I sign up for any programs like schooling and such I get put on a "waiting list" I have been told not to come back to some locations just because they have discovered my criminal history and/or spiritual practices on top of that there is a South Carolina state law that states I have to pay $150 Annual Registry fee, if I do not pay I am subjected to the law. It is already hard enough to find employment, schooling, living places and so forth. how am I suppose to do all this I am getting to the point of being tired and exhausted my insomnia has kicked up much more. I do not know where to go or turn. I appreciate and thank any for taking there time to view this

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I too am registered in cherokee county sc and am aware they are very extreme here. I was actually told by sherrif Steven Mueller I have no rights in Cherokee county because I am a sex offender. There is only one person here who handles the registry and she definitely abuses her authority. She is super rude and violated me because I forgot to register. I was one day late showed up to probation and was arrested. Its way out of control here they have no one to answer to so local authorities run wild. It was obviously out of spite and to further complicate other legal matters. Lawyers here refuse to go against the county so they basically do whatever they want constitutional or not. It makes me feel hopeless. I honestly believe the state is trying to get rid of all its sex offenders by creating any charges it can and dolling out ridiculous sentences. Double jeopardy doesnt mean a thing to sc. I can sympathize with your situation. I am eager to help put a stop to these abuses but have no one to reach out too. If anyone can help stop this or guide me in how to help end these violations and the registry please write me at shannon morrison p.o. box 424 Blacksburg sc 29702 or email I can only pray they don't put me in prison for a single day of forgetfulness. The whole registry is out of control but sc is horrible. I know no woman will ever want me. I have no friends either and no one to reach out to. Believe me I feel your pain. I only pray someday this whole archaic law is buried beside slavery and apartide.

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Tashi Delek!

Dennis and Hopelessoffender you aren't without friends. You have each other. You are both in the same state surely there is a way to communicate maybe even visit. As far as not being in compliance is concerned you can't be sent back to prison for being out of compliance because of lack of employment or inability to pay, there's case law on that, just keep a record of your job searches so you will have proof of your efforts to find one.