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South Carolina and Lost  


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19/04/2019 6:37 am  

Hey, My name is Lypen, Dennis Anthony

Birth Date 04, March 1989.

My religious practice is Pagan/Buddhist
My crime started June 2009 convicted January 2010 on possession of Child Pornography through a file sharing site called LimeWire to of which I downloaded images(videos) To serve an 8 year sentence with 3 years probation. I was sent to Prison 26, March 2010 to 29, December 2017
ever since I have been out. I felt like a member is the Salem trials awaiting for a pyre. I can not find any way at all to get a second chance. I have 0 friends and all I have is My Mother and Father who suffer from this as much as I do but I don't know where to turn or go.

I was working with my father at a place called Green Fence Recycling.  from august 2018 to February 2019. The business eventually closed down. though the only reason I got the job was because my father was employed there, and basically ran the plant. he now works in Chester South Carolina, to which I can not go with complications so I am currently looking for work but nobody is willing to give a chance. It seems the "bible Belt States" seem more difficult. and with me not having a job I am not in compliance with probation. every time I sign up for any programs like schooling and such I get put on a "waiting list" I have been told not to come back to some locations just because they have discovered my criminal history and/or spiritual practices on top of that there is a South Carolina state law that states I have to pay $150 Annual Registry fee, if I do not pay I am subjected to the law. It is already hard enough to find employment, schooling, living places and so forth. how am I suppose to do all this I am getting to the point of being tired and exhausted my insomnia has kicked up much more. I do not know where to go or turn. I appreciate and thank any for taking there time to view this

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