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NC and now facing more charges

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So in 1999 my husband was 24 and had consensual sex with a girl that was 17. The girls mom found out pressed charges. BAM my husband is now a sex offender! He was not sentenced to any prison time , he was given 2 year probation with adjudication withheld. He completed his probation is 2003! Fast forward 21 years and NC told him he still had to register * ADJUDICATION WAS WITHHELD IN FL* his now ex wife worked at a local school and told him she had spoken to the principal and it was ok for him to drop her off and pick her up from work , 8 days later he was arrested  at their home for being registered and on school grounds. Well now here we are 15 months later and we are now taking this to trial ... if his adjudication was withheld should he had even been on the registry to begin with ? If not then no crime was committed.... as a result of the new charges pending - he can't attend our child's softball games or graduation or any school functions because the school board will not approve him to be there because of the open case. We have a public defender ... and he has done nothing ... I have pulled all the detailed case files and notes and judges notes from the original case in Florida .. NOWHERE did the judge order him to register for life or any term ... just ordered 2 years probation with adjudication withheld.  Everyone judges him , everyone thinks he is a evil person ... he is an amazing man that slept with a girl that lied about her age 24 years ago!!! HER MOTHER even wrote the judge asking for leniency at sentencing. The ONLY lawyer we can find in western NC requires 7,000 retainer fee ... my husband can't work ... why you ask ... because NOONE wants to hire him even though he has a college degree and specializes in a very VERY demanding field of employment.

please if you have ANY tips any kind words or hope or encouragement ANYTHING that could help me PLEASE reach out !!!

PS - NC statue states that an out of state offender is required to register under the NC charge that is equivalent to original charge... however in NC at 17 you don't need permission to have sex and there is no crime with a 24 year old having sex with anyone willing unless they are 15 or younger. So there is no NC equivalent crime.