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Illinois and Park Restrictions

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Hi. I live in IL and I have been told by serveral officers that I am not allowed in a park no matter what. I am a superintendent for a construction company and part of my current job is in a park. We are trying to figure out how to get the job accomplished with my restrictions. We'll figure it out I'm sure. But we are also having a golf outing and the golf course that its at is part of the park district and I can't go to that either.  

My question is, is this true? I thought that I just can't loiter in or around a park. I thought as long as I had a purpose to be there it would be ok. I believe IA is that way. Is IL NO parks no matter what? 

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I am not an attorney, but this is what I find that seems relevant to your question.

It appears that you can not be in the park in Illinois per the Illinois Supreme Court following the following set of court decisions.

There may be other decisions or law changes that are not included in this post.  You might contact and or to see if they are aware of anything newer.